01. Iliona and The Resumption of Ties

Published worldwide in 2017

Iliona and The Resumption of Ties is the first book of the Hofinda Series and it was the first book that I published. Hofinda is a place quite different from the human world, although it has some similarities too since it had contact with the human world long ago. The book one is a story about adventuring and longing for the new.

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Hofinda is a place long hidden from the human eyes, and Iliona is one of its countries.

But Iliona’s inhabitants, the ilins, start to appear in human’s houses out of the blue, and that’s how this story finds Timothy, a student living in the city of Nagranto. Where Winda has a peculiar store full of glass and dust,
and where Tevis and Zian happen to finally meet her.

Nonetheless, there’s a group in Iliona called the Administration, who has kept the status quo throughout the centuries with their schools and masters and totally disapproves ties with outsiders. And Ed is part of it, although he’s working with Muriel at the moment because of some unusual events:

Ilins are rushing. Humans are escaping. Restrictions are falling. And daring proposals hover about all the country. Iliona’s exile is at stake and Timothy’s curiosity drags him as part of it. He befriends Muriel and Ed,
and all the others Winda also knows.

Follow them into Iliona’s mountainous lands, overflying night cities and exploring freezing valleys where winged creatures don’t soothe with just a smile, while they run for their lives and memories.

I designed the whole cover style:


 And designed the titles’ appearance as well:


 The portuguese edition:


More concepts from the book:

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